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Peter Muldavin (The Kiddie Rekord King) on Radio & TV

For over 25 years, ever since Peter launched his Website, he and his huge collection have been featured in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles, as well as on many radio and TV shows. On this page, you will find links to some of his appearances. Enjoy!


    "The Antique Phonograph Music Program", WFMU-FM with Mac Cumella
February 16, 2010 (60 minutes)

    "Heritage Radio Theater" with Tom Heathwood on the Old Tyme Radio Network
September 2, 2007 (89 minutes)

    "Whatcha Got" with Harry Rinker - June 10, 2007 (8 minutes)

    "Speaking Freely" with Dennis Raimondi - April 10, 2007 (28 minutes)

    "Saturday Night With Walden Hughes" on the Yesterday USA Radio Network - April 7, 2006 (41 minutes)

    "CBC Freestyle" from The Canadian Broadcasting System - Jan. 26, 2005 (11 minutes)

    "Trash Or Treasure" with Tony Hyman - May 8, 1999 (39 minutes)


    videoFox Network's Personal FX: "Super Collectors Show" - July 21, 1997 (4 1/2 minutes)





The Poky Little Puppy, (Little Golden Record, # 5, 1948)Rusty In Orchestraville (Capitol, # BC-35,(1947)Gossamer Wump ( Capitol, # EAS-3012, 1949)Bozo and His Rocket Ship (Capitol Record Reader, # BBX-65, 1947)It's Howdy Doody Time (RCA Little Nipper Series, # Y-446 (1951)
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