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I Buy Childrens Records. Coming soon I
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I sell childrens records. You can order 
	original records, or CDs or tapes.
I love to trade childrens records
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Everything you need to know about ordering a copy of a record on CD, MP3, or FTP, prices, ordering instructions,

The Poky Little Puppy, (Little Golden Record, # 5, 1948)Rusty In Orchestraville (Capitol, # BC-35,(1947)Everything you need to know about ordering a copy of a record on CD, MP3, or FTP, prices, ordering instructionsBozo and His Rocket Ship (Capitol Record Reader, # BBX-65, 1947)It's Howdy Doody Time (RCA Little Nipper Series, # Y-446 (1951)
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Selling Kiddie 78s
Are you are looking for a favorite old children's record? If so, there is a 90% chance that I have it, if it is a 78 rpm. If I don't have an extra copy of the record(s) you seek, copyright permitting, I can burn a custom a CD or let you download it as an MP3 file from my Website. These recordings are intended for personal use only, and are not for commercial reissue. See below to determine how to calculate the price of an order, as well as how to place the order and pay for it.

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    I use state of the art CD burning (recording), taping and phonograph equipment. CDs and MP3s are only mirror "images" of the audio track of the original record. I do not employ the use of audio restoration software since, as per my customers request, I want to recreate the sounds as close as possible to what you remember from your childhood. If you order a CD or MP3 however, you can process the digital audio track through any available software program in order to 'clean' it up. Having said that, most of my records are in fine condition. Of course, inherent in old 78s are surface noises, hiss, clicks, pops, and the like. Any occasional skip or hang up in the record will be noted in your order, or prior to your order being shipped. If you order a CD, it will hold uo to 80 minutes of recordings. If you prefer, I can supply an audiocassette instead of a CD (same price). Alternatively, as stated above, you can download the MP3 files directly from my Website with a special link that I will provide.

    Please note that all of my records are the older 78 rpms (and some 45s). If you are looking for an LP (33 1/3 rpm), (with the exception of about six in my collection), especially one from the 1960s or later, I cannot help you.

    In addition to making recordings, copyright permitting, I offer laser color images and laminations of the covers, inside liners, attached book pages, etc. See below for prices and specifications.

    Read comments from my satisfied customers.....


  • CDs: $7 per record side. Minimum size CD order: 2 sides ($14 + s&h). All of my records are 78s or 45s unless otherwise specified to be LPs. (see note below)
    Your final price is based on the total number of record sides recorded. It is NOT determined by how many CDs it takes to complete the order. IMPORTANT!: Before ordering, please check with me first to determine total number of sides required for your order and the total amount due.
    NOTE: LPs (33 1/3 rpm) burned to a CD are a flat rate of $35 per record. This includes the entire LP, both sides.
  • MP3 Downloads from my Website: $6 per record side. Minimum size MP3 order: 2 sides ($12 + processing fee). Maximum MP3 order size is 12 record sides. This option provides a faster turnaround and delivery time, to say nothing of the price being lower than CDs. I will provide you with a link to download the MP3 files from my Website.

  • Laser color images: $5 each. Copyright permitting, I can provide repros of record jackets & covers, liners, attached books, etc. The images are not printed on the CD itself.
    There are two size options:
    1). Actual size of the original record cover. Copies are done on heavy coated paper stock. This gives it the look and feel of the original cover. Exception: covers which are 12-inches must be reduced to 10-inches to fit in the copying machine. This is about a 17% reduction. Less than 5% of my record covers are this size. Suitable for laminating, framing, etc. See below for lamination details.
    CD case size. Fits into the front of a slim jewel CD case. [Note: please be aware that any small print on the original cover will be reduced dramatically]. The overall quality of the graphic design and color won’t be affected. It is like a giant ‘thumbnail’ image, as seen on my Website. Copies are done on coated (glossy) paper to look like an original store bought CD.
    IMPORTANT: When ordering please specify which size color print you want. You can even order in both sizes, if so desired.
  • Laminations: $10 (up to 2 images per lam, placed back to back). The lamination charge is in addition to the color image charge. E.g. One color image laminated is $5 + $10. Two color images laminated back to back (in one lamination) would be $10 + $10. The two image lamination would be, for example, if both the front and back of a record cover were color images. If the back of the cover is black and white, the charge is only $1. This is a great idea for gifts.
  • Minimum order: see above
  • Materials and shipping charges: $5 and up per order ($3 and up per MP3 order). Orders are usually shipped within 7 - 14 days unless otherwise requested.
  • Volume Discounts: 10% on orders over $100; 15% on orders over $200; 20% on orders over $300. Discount basis is amount before s&h. Volume discounts cannot be combined with Multiple Copy discounts.
  • Multiple Copy Discounts: Multiple identical copies of the same order are discounted at 50% off the original price of original orders totaling $35 or more before s&h. The discount applies to the CD portion only. It does not include laser color copies or laminations. Multiple copy discounts cannot be combined with volume discounts.

How To Tell Me What You Want To Order:

My Website is not set up with a typical online ordering form (shopping cart and check out). Before sending funds it will be necessary for you to email or call me to let me know specifically what you are looking for. I will tell you if the selections are available in my inventory. At that point I can figure out how many record sides involved in order to give you correct a price quote. Then I need to know what options, if any, you want (color images,laminations, etc.). Discounts may be available as well, so these have to be figured in. So, please contact me before ordering.

How To Place And Pay For An Order:

Payment is in US funds only.

Credit card (only available online through PayPal). This is my preferred method. A direct link to my PayPal account is found by clicking on the PayPal logo directly below. You don't even have to sign up with PayPal to make a credit card payment through them. PayPal is a very safe and secure process these days, maybe more so than swiping your Credit Card at a store, or giving the number verbally over the phone. You can specify what you are ordering on this form, however it is not necessary. The details are usually confirmed by separate emails with me. (see paragraph above)

Checks/money orders: I am happy to take personal checks or money orders. Checks should be made payable to: Peter Muldavin. Mail to: 173 W. 78th St., New York, NY 10024

Thanks for visiting this page. I hope to hear from you soon.

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